Bloody mad isn't it?  At times of increased awareness (read: acceptance) that there IS such a thing as Global warming, and that car exhausts aren't exactly helping matters - new motors sold recently all seem to sport exaggerated / stylised, extra-large exhausts pipe endy-thingies - in sort of space vehicle type shapes, so you can stylishly proclaim to all just how much crap you're spewing out as you drive to Tescos.  Bloody weird.

No matter if you have an older, smaller engined car - just chuck an after-market wide-bore exhaust on, AND IT'LL SOUND LIKE A FERRARI! - fabulous.
Young (and not so young) twerps can blip their throttle pedals up and down the HMO's thin streets at one-in-the-morning for chrissakes - believing for all their worth that it doesn't make their little car sound THOROUGHLY INADEQUATE.

I don't understand, I really don't.

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