Two for the price of .. what IS the price of ONE?

Reference my earlier post about TESCOS, I was fortunate enough to visit their Tower Park (Poole, Dorset) site the other evening.  Just to put this into context - I have not visited a Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisson or ASDA outlet for food, for some YEARS, but . . . . well, we wanted some cheap DVDs (excellent) and it was late (superb), weather was awful so I wanted to park close (fantastic) and, and, and .....

Astonished.  That's all I can say.  JUST LOOK AT THE PRICES!!!  Unbelievable.  Shelves proudly stating what a new offer was, priced at twice what it was worth, the stupid buggers STILL playing the buy-one-get forty-eight more etc, or two-for-the-price etc etc games.  Any half sensible shopper immediately thinks "but I only want ONE - what's the REAL price?  Why are you pushing all this wastage?"
Little shelf labels "cheaper"   than what?   Mid-point three besuited chaps waft down the central isle with clipboards, we all move aside before thinking "hey!  YOU move!  If it wasn't for me"  etc etc.  Too late!  They'd gone to help a very, very little bit of extra, no doubt.

Not a nice experience, the shelves look tired, the signage looks 70's and the signage misleads.  The cashiers were super, though.   Thanks.

£ is for £xam

Did you know that in Germany, exams are set by the Government?
In the UK they are set by any one of 134 'awarding bodies'.

Did you know that one of those bodies - EDEXCEL, made £90,000,000 last year - out of the UK exam system?

So, hang-on . . . that's ONE of the bodies, one might consider what the sum total of all the earnings made by all the Awarding Bodies (there, they're capitalised now) might have been?

Seems a tad excessive?


Leaf Blower Season

From the sound of it - it's petrol driven. Yes, that's it, a hand-held petrol driven baby monster that echoes its whining voice up and down leafy avenues from October through to March.
Council employees and private estate/parks management folk waft them up and down, ear-protectors on, sleeveless day-glo thingumy proclaiming whatever authority they represent.

What a FANTASTICALLY negative machine. Blow leaves from HERE - to - THERE.
Use FOSSIL FUEL to do it, and create a horrendous din whilst you're doing it.

The New Church of England

Sadly, Tesco reported a mixed set of figures today << BBC report >> with Sainsbury's a little better.
The BLOKE they interviewed (sorry, I was experiencing a Marmite problem just at the same time) did mention that Tesco Research Institute for Customer Kontrolle (T.R.I.C.K.) pointed out that whilst main store sales had sufferred, those babes in the Tesco Express stores had been going nineteen to the dozen, the poor bunnies.

It seems shoppers are buying less at their 'main' shop - and topping-up more.

He said this was a sign of prudent shopping, and cutting down etc etc - I suggest it's a sign that people haven't learned to shop 'properly' at all in the last 20 years, try to 'cut down' (haha . . .  read << this >> if you've time ) and then have to pay MUCH MORE as the student-sales fuelled Tesco Expresses mop-up the same targets from another gun emplacement.