And winner is . . . . best adverts - 2012

Thank you, thank you, thank you Specsavers.

For taking the piss out of American triumphalism
"Tell 'em daddy's home"  "Good to see ya - Buddy"
 blah, blah blah in the Shuttle - only to arrive (mistakenly) at Luton Airport.

specsavers shuttle

 . . . . . and for the warm-hearted one, where a couple take a seat to eat their cheese sandwiches only to be whisked-off on a jaw-dropping Roller-Coaster ride.

Remarking after they got down, "What kind of Cheese was that?"  magic.

"what kind of cheese was that?"

And of course, this one.
farmer sheers sheep dog
Beautifully shot, thoughtfully directed.


and the Winner is . . . overrated comedian of 2012

John Bishop

 Don't get me wrong - he's quite good, and very personable, and of course it's the BLACK SUIT - just like the TV Ad footballers eh?

But he's not THAT good.

Now he's 'now' - (if you see what I mean), the whole roller-coaster will start running and he'll be on every damned quiz, chat, and 'panel of funny people' type program you could possibly mistakenly surf onto.


And why?  Because Michael Mcintyre might seem a bit POSH for New Britain's tastes?  A bit Fae ?  And Mcintyre talks properly doesn't he?   We just cannot have all this blasted TALKING PROPERLY!   It's simply no good - how the hell are we NOT going to seem like a bunch of grabbing toff-loving, Conservative-lovers unless we get a few Scouses out there eh?  Gotta be REPRESENTATIVE see?  Plunder this UK vein of rich and varied cultural differences, TV, radio announcers - get em all on!


and the Winner is . . . most stupid TV Ad' of 2012

Bleu de CHANEL
Who?   No really . . . . I mean WHO?   Sad old, style-unconscious,  'now' unconcious person that I am . . . I still have NO IDEA who Gaspard Ulliel actually is.  So I had to read up, and discovered that this Ad is actually not an Advert - it's a (wait for it) "Short Film".

"The video is truly a masterpiece of the new fashmovie genre, starring Gaspard Ulliel and directed by the great Martin Scorsese."  
(I read the above rubbish << here >>)

Unbelievable.  Daft.  Preying on a fourteen year old's daydreams perhaps?  (I'm gonna change, be someone COOL, be a BROODING MYSTERY, wear a black suit like FOOTBALLERS do in TV adverts.   Yeah!  That's the big plan.  You just see if I don't.)

and the Winner is . . . . creepy TV advert

Just pipping themselves at the winners post - this Ad' passed their "dead dad looking on fondly" advert by a whisker.  What a bunch of bastards - pulling on every key-word heart string available in their shoddy repertoire, car accidents, cancer - you name it.