Only one month away from the shortest daylight day of the year - magic!

So only about another THREE BLOODY MONTHS of having to sit behind COMPLETE GIBBONS who wait in their cars at the lights with their feet permenantly glued to their BLOODY BRAKE-LIGHTS.
You can add even more fun to this scenario -  the same PLEBS will have an indicator light flashing as well - amazing!
You have to wonder - who do they think they are TELLING that they might turn left - or right? Me? The bloke in the next road? In fact, does this lane GO ANYWHERE ELSE BUT BLOODY LEFT?

Your entire windscreen is lit-up like a blasted Christmas tree from within, and when the traffic lights do change - you can't see a damned thing!


Speakers, Headphones?

Well this is nice.
A piece of free software that solves an issue, is FREE, and just WORKS.

Some of you, even on Windows 7, (seriously disinterested in Win8, I can tell you) must find that switching sound output devices is a real headache.

System Tray Audio Device Switcher ('STADS') makes it easy.
A simple idea that simply works, though you'll need to suffer the world's worst ever tray icon.

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