S and N

I don't know who reads this - but I do know you can get here from, and some followers of the defunct go-dorset have been tracked here . . . therefore, in a change to the published schedule - I wanted to explain my feelings about Social Networking.
From here I'll call it SN.

Things have got tricky. At work (FE) we are prompted to maintain a healthy attitude toward SN at all times - embracing change etc, postively immerse ourselves at other times - setting-up groups, using it for announcements etc, and then Not Touch The Bloody Sites With a Bargepole, at yet other times, dependant upon current management thinking, educational fashion, political will, (all the aforementioned changeable - indeed change pole-to-pole within a WEEK) and/or proximity of an OFSTED visit.

So I base this on me alone. With the forelorn suggestion that those of us who teach, who've been trained to daily work the mindsets and attitudes of Britain's yoof - might STILL be afforded the grace and professional margins to voice their personal beliefs.

I've heard it's useful. Offering a safe place to 'meet', exchange (whatever), away from the cruel streets of downtown Seagullsville. That responsible parenting, and educated surfers (I mean - they've seen a poster or powerpoint about online safety . . . . ) can gain emotional support and peer-group sustinance from SN.

And even I, YES even I, friendless hermit, shunned outcast from society - have and continue to receive countless Invitiations, Nudges, god-knows-what from an increasing band of both the teenage variety, and the Oh so professional variety of these websites. Online collaboration is one thing, by the way - these are not that.

I think it's all bloody weird. I really don't want to know my sons, daughters, nieces every waking mood or happening. And I'm not sure they WANT me to know?
I simply cannot see the advantage of publishing yourself to such a degree - without REALLY having something to say. Or, obviously t-y-p-i-n-g, when you might be chatting in a coffee shop or pub. In these time-shifted years I guess it is all a lot of us can manage, a quick few lines - somehow more immediate even than email (em, did I mention the 'phone?)

So, I really am sorry.

It simply isn't for me.

And if I've failed to answer SOMETHING somewhere - well, my email address has been around since email WAS FIRST generally available, and has never altered.


CRB checks - here's a silly idea?

It seems everyone needs a CRB check these days. Our milkman has one now as he nurses his milkfloat within 1000yds of some school gates at 5 a.m on weekday mornings.

'trouble is, this meant we didn't get any milk from him for a month, whilst Daddyio dairies awaited the results of his check. Now I don't know about you . . no, I really don't, but one of things I cannot stand is black coffee at 6am in the morning - it HAS to be steaming hot, strong, sweet, tea - and tea DEMANDS milk

Similarly, I really cannot stand watching my partner helplessly waiting for perhaps five or six simoultaneous CRB checks to be worked-through, all about her - all using the same info, all accessing the same data.
What a fantastic amount of duplicated effort, time-wasting and cost. Surely individuals can 'own' their CRBs, having them renewed automatically, FOR FREE, each year - and merely present these documents at interview?
My own CRB hasn't been re-checked for YEARS - and daily I'm thrust into the middle of groups of youngsters. Double Maddness!

A Million is NOT ENOUGH!

Yesterday it was suggested banks inform us how many of their employees are earning more than £1,000,000 per year. (This is the lower end of the high-earners scale - try 2.5 million, 5 million).

Let's just be clear about this - the tax payers, insurance companies, and pension companies (our pensions) own the majority share of these organisations.
So try knocking-off a nought. Any more than £100,000 p.a is more than enough - who NEEDS £2000 per week? Does that really equate to a reasonable life?


Find Duplicate Photos across your computer's drives.

If you have 49,587 image files spread across your computer (spookily, the same number that I have) then wouldn't it be nice to find a FREE program that finds any duplicates for you?

If you're not a complete GIBBON with a computer then try out VISIPICS.(

This one will take you a few minutes of concentration to get the hang of it, but what's the alternative, and hour of shuffling windows and files? Two hours?


Somerfield - TV Ads

Do you notice that 9 out of 10 Somerfield TV Ads are for offers on BOOZE?