Get RID of all of them.

It's time to stop now isn't it?
No thinking about "which ones have never hurt anyone" - no silly chat about "a person's choice" just get rid of them all.
There has never been any legitimate reason AT ALL you could possibly dream-up to continue having such animals walking around in modern society.
They are not needed, they do not help anything or anyone, there is no need for them to exist at all in this country. 
Full stop.
Rant over.


Oven Sausages - the holy grail

I've done it.
No, I really mean it - I've done it.

With the Pixie away in Bristol I succumbed to that male thing of eating UTTER CRAP - and had decided on oven sausages as part of the feast.

But the GREASE!!!  my god, it was swilling out from the Oven door before I'd realised what was going-on.  Across the floor, out the french doors and into the moonlit yard.

Foxes (and various formerly 'slink-about' creatures) were piled high in the corner on top of each other - unable to move across the gravel as the torrent of STUFF soaked into their paws and rendered them helpless.

It can't go on can it?

Enter the Bang-O-Tray!
The Bang-O-tray
Oh yes . . . . it's all plain sailing now.
This beauty sits inside the oven tray, dish, thingy - with the chips (did I mention the chips?) sat outside of it - and  . . . . .

the chips are TOTALLY UNAFFECTED by any Banger grease ! - amazing.

You saw it here first.