CRB checks - here's a silly idea?

It seems everyone needs a CRB check these days. Our milkman has one now as he nurses his milkfloat within 1000yds of some school gates at 5 a.m on weekday mornings.

'trouble is, this meant we didn't get any milk from him for a month, whilst Daddyio dairies awaited the results of his check. Now I don't know about you . . no, I really don't, but one of things I cannot stand is black coffee at 6am in the morning - it HAS to be steaming hot, strong, sweet, tea - and tea DEMANDS milk

Similarly, I really cannot stand watching my partner helplessly waiting for perhaps five or six simoultaneous CRB checks to be worked-through, all about her - all using the same info, all accessing the same data.
What a fantastic amount of duplicated effort, time-wasting and cost. Surely individuals can 'own' their CRBs, having them renewed automatically, FOR FREE, each year - and merely present these documents at interview?
My own CRB hasn't been re-checked for YEARS - and daily I'm thrust into the middle of groups of youngsters. Double Maddness!

A Million is NOT ENOUGH!

Yesterday it was suggested banks inform us how many of their employees are earning more than £1,000,000 per year. (This is the lower end of the high-earners scale - try 2.5 million, 5 million).

Let's just be clear about this - the tax payers, insurance companies, and pension companies (our pensions) own the majority share of these organisations.
So try knocking-off a nought. Any more than £100,000 p.a is more than enough - who NEEDS £2000 per week? Does that really equate to a reasonable life?