I moved recently - and with that had to come newly bought appliances.
Washing machine, Fridge/Freezer, Wardrobe, and Wardrobes.  4 deliveries.

Now, we're on the second floor.  And all but one set of delivery people have let this be known in such terms that would have seen Laurel & Hardy, or Morecambe & Wise reaching for their notepads to get ideas.

Huge and volume-rich complaints up the stairs, comments about those 'back in the office', astonishing amounts of huffing-puffing, pausing dramatically at a landing, with hand on heart - we've had it all, and in truck-loads.
With one set of blokes (always two blokes) they got as far as trying to involve us in a discussion about dismantling a wardrobe (in the end, just the doors had to come off), I was seconds away from telling them to do their job, or just go - I don't need this pratting about.
Walk a mile in my work-shoes and you'll know what exhaustion is all about.

Funny thing, one set, and one set of blokes only were brilliant.  Friendly, helpful.
They carried the heaviest item (washing machine) and never complained - despite the strain they'd just been through.

These two were not British.  All the rest of the crews were.

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