abc's for ebayers

Have you been on ebay recently?

No really, have you?

We recently sold a life-sized inflatable version of
the QE2 (reckoning her final voyage would be
the best time to attempt this).

QE2 picture
(Here's a picture of our toy in a puddle
next to the ornament in the garden.)

So ...... trawling (ha?) the ebay site became a rare
and beautiful past-time for a couple of evenings.

If I landed upon 12 different ebayer offerings
(and I didn't, I read about 20) you can be certain
9 of them (and there weren't, it was around 17)
included truly horrendous spelling mistakes.
Ok, ok - who cares? But these were ordinary,
everyday, four and five letter words.

Try it - you'll be amazed.

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